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PROS, Inc.

As a busy practitioner, you know how difficult it has become to run a medical office. Between rising costs and increasingly complicated compliance, collecting fees has become almost a job in itself. We feel, as we’re sure you do, that the members of your office team should be concentrating on the care of your patients, not chasing down insurance carriers.

That’s where we come in.

Physician Receivables Outsource Solutions (PROS, Inc.) is a professional medical billing company dedicated to freeing you and your office staff to do what you do best, care for your patients, while we ensure the financial growth and success of your practice.

Our experienced staff of certified medical billers takes the time to apply their extensive knowledge of the Texas laws to be sure your practice sees timely and correct reimbursement from insurance carriers. We perform your billing functions efficiently and accurately, and we are not satisfied until you see an increase in your bottom line.


At PROS, our mission is to maximize your reimbursement for services provided while maintaining the highest level of professional integrity and security.